Approach to Rio Lagartos

Approaching Rio Lagartos from 3 n.m. off shore, you can approach the NW side of the breakwaters which the one on the east has the green light and the one on the west the red light. You can approach to a waypoint about a mile off the entrance 21º37’ N   88º11’W and then head southeast to the visible entrance which has been recently dredged to more than 10 feet.

If you are uncertain to enter directly, you can hail Capitania Rio Lagartos on channel 16 VHF and ask for instructions, or you can ask a local guide which will come out to greet you an a fast fisherman’s boat or “Panga” as called.

Any of the many fisherman passing by on their fast boats will be happy to point you in the right direction if you just wave at them.

The Rio Lagartos Channel is well protected and a good place for anchoring so yachts that draw less than 8’ can anchor about a 3/4 of a mile in.  Boats drawing less than 4’, can go in further close to the docks.

Be aware that the water in the lagoon is very shallow even close to the docks, so for anchoring you must stay in the main channel which has a good sand bottom anchoring.  I also recommend to use two anchors one one the bow and one on the stern since the current in the channel tends to be strong and it changes direction with the tides.  You can use your dinghy to go to the town. 

I recommend checking out the local tourist guides for info on what to do and where to eat.  There are some nice fishing guides and tour guides who will happily help you on other needs as well.  Just ask them!

If you want to do any planning ahead of your stop at Rio Lagartos, you may want to call “Isla Contoy Restaurant”+52 (986) 862-00-00 and talk to one of the guys there and let them know you are coming. Ask to talk with “Chino Mosca”  They will be waiting for you, and they would go out to the entrance to meet you in their fast fishing boat, and show you the way.

An other resource on Rio Lagartos is:
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