Yucatan, Mexico.

Home of one of the largest colonies of  Pink Flamingos in the area, and also a very picturesque fisherman´s village with good restaurants, beautiful beaches and a growing eco-tourism industry.
Celestun Aproach Chart
Area Chart for Celestun
Route from Progreso to Celestun

Celestun Yucatan Overview

Celestun like most ports in the Yucatan coast, has its entrance marked by green and red lights on each end of the breakwaters that face westward.  As you enter the breakwaters, the minimum depth is 9 feet, as the entrance and harbor is reported to be recently dragged as of December 2012. I recommend you take the center of the channel to ensure the best depth.  As you exit port, make sure you are at least 200 meters from the breakwaters before you begin to turn to the sides to maintain the depth. 

There is a so called Fisherman´s Pier about one half mile north of the breakwaters which is not suitable for docking, unless the waters are really calm, therefore it cannot really be used for docking, although it has good depth.  The pier can be recognized for its red and white stripped paint and is right at the center of town.

As you arrive in Celestun, one can first dock near the gas station to go on shore and make arrangements.  Up until Jan. 2013, Celestun´s harbor does´t have any marinas, therefore services like potable water, can only be found at the fuel dock.  “The fuel dock at present only has gasoline” (Jan 2013).  Check for updates on that since they used to have Diesel. Other services such as basic groceries, telephone, internet, hotels, transportation etc. can be found at downtown Celestun.  (Note:  if you a re in need for Diesel, you could get one of the fishing boat Captains to sell you some, or if you ask around, there is also one of the fish packing plants that have diesel to sell.

A good way to move around in Celestun, is to hire one-way trips from the harbor into town by the local “Trici-Taxis”  which are an easy and cheap way to move around, and also pass by frequently in the vicinity of the docks.

For tourist information on what to do in Celestun, visit:

View of Celestun´s Port Entrance (Breakwaters)
A view of the Fisherman´s pier from the sea with its red and green tower lights. To the left of the red tower, one can see Celestun´s lighthouse.