Rio Lagartos
Yucatan, Mexico.

A wonderful marine sanctuary for birds and marine wildlife.  Also a very picturesque fisherman’s town.
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Approach to Rio Lagartos
San Felipe entrance

The Port of Rio Lagartos and San Felipe

Despite the name Rio (river), Rio Lagartos is not truly a river, but a salt water estuary, or a stretch of sea water that runs inland. 

Rio Lagartos is home to one of the most important wild life reserves in Mexico (Reserva de la Biosfera de Rio Lagartos) which protects the habitat of thousands of local birds plants and fish.

Rio Lagartos is truly a place of wonder and together with San Felipe, they are the only two ports in the Yucatan that are not facing directly to the open ocean.

Here you can also find a very picturesque fishing village that makes you fall in love with the tranquility of yucatecan towns.

There are many activities for the visitor in Rio Lagartos, and some of the best are:  the flamingo tour, fly fishing, bird watching and the Las Coloradas and dead sea tour, which takes you to see the salt harvesting lagoons and swimming on waters so dense, that you float like a cork.

From the entrance canal, the adventure begins!  The canal is a beautiful entrance to Rio Lagartos and extends approximately 1.5 NM.  This canal is  natural, but is kept open by the break waters that flank the entrance, and by regular maintenance.
Club de Yates de Yucatán
Club de Yates de Yucatán