Route from Progreso to Alacranes Reef

Route to Alacranes

The route from Progreso to Alacranes is very easy and strait forward since the arrival island to Alacranes, Isla Perez, is exactly 65 nautical miles due north of Progreso and with deep waters to navigate the entire way. 

As you plan your route to Alacranes you must take into consideration a few things that would make your passage safer and more enjoyable.  First you may want to consider that there absolutely no services in the reef, therefore you must bring with you everything you might need for your stay starting with water, fuel and food. So provisioning well is a must.  Also you may want to plan your timing well as arriving to an unknown reef like this at night can be very dangerous, so I do recommend to plan your passage is such a way that you arrive in Isla Perez during the morning hours and no later than 3 pm so you can have very good visibility and a clear view of the changes in color of water.

The passage is nothing extraordinary, but it is an open water passage at more than 50 NM from shore, so having a good prediction of weather conditions is a very good idea.  Rain and cold might not be such a big concern, but very strong winds are often encountered in this passage and can lead to some considerable swell.

The winds and sea conditions vary deppending on the time of year.  In winter (Nov. to March) the conditions change dependinng on cold fronts or “Nortes” that come across form the Gulf.  “Nortes” bring very strong North winds (up to 40 to 50 knots) so look out for good weather windows since the periods between Nortes may have very good weather for sailing.