Welcome to Cruising Guide of the Yucatan, Mexico

Welcome to the guide to visit the State of Yucatan by boat
Welcome to the guide to visit the State of Yucatan by boat
Routes to visiting Ports in Yucatan
General Chart of the Yucatan
Flag of the State of Yucatan Flaying in the Capital Merida

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Distances From Local Ports
Yucalpeten  to Telchac  25 NM
Telchac to Rio Lagartos 67 NM
Rio Lagartos to Holbox 48 NM
Holbox to Isla to Contoy 36 NM
Contoy  to Isla Mujeres  20 NM
Yucalpeten to Carbonera 10.5 NM
Yucalpeten to Sisal 25 NM
Sisal to Celestun 32 NM
Sisal to Palmar 14 NM
Yucalpeten to Celestun 57 NM
Celestun to Isla Arenas 9 NM
Celestun to El Remate 18 NM
Celestun to Campeche 60 NM
Progreso to Campeche 117 NM

Visiting Yucatan on your Boat...

Navigating the Peninsula of Yucatan by boat its our pasion.  The purpose of this page is to guide the cruisers that are planning a trip to the Peninsula of Yucatan on their own boat, and provide them with all of the information  that they might need in order to make their travel a very pleasant, enjoyable, full of fun and safe one.

On this page we will provide with information regarding where to go and how to get there, including some very useful detailed charts and photos of the places you might want to visit, as well as lists of services and you might want or need during your trip.

This page will also guide you trough the various steps of customs and immigration, as well as give you recommendations on what to do and not do while you stay in the Yucatan area.

Most importantly we will try to encourage you to explore the many wonders that this beautiful area of the world has to offer to the cruiser, and suggest you the best and most economic ways of enjoying some of the best tourist destinations, cities, mayan sites and attractions that Yucatan has for you.