Progreso/Yucalpeten  International Arrival

International Arrival to Progreso

Progreso and Yucalpeten are official ports of international arrival and any cruiser can arrive to Progreso from the United States or Cuba.

The procedure for making Progreso the port to enter Mexico is to proceed to go trough port arrival with Ports Captain, customs  and immigration, as well as international health authorities.  The vessel also has to purchase a temporal (10 years) importation permit.

If you arrive direct to any marina, you can keep your yellow flag up, and ask the dock master to call for the authorities and they should come to your vessel to do the proper paper work. 

But the easiest way is to contract the services of a Port Agent which will help you with al the paper work, call the authorities and take care of you on those matters.  (of course there is a fee for the service, but well worth it)  A good Port Agent or “Agente Consignatario” is:

Luis Suarez , Agente Naviero Consignatario.


                calle 76 # 152 x 31 y 33 ,

                col. Centro Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico.

                c.p. 97320

Phone:   +52 969 935 0894

Movil:     +52 999 960 0973

email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some of the recommended things to bring for this process as well as some of the fees associated with it are:

  • Bring at least one copy of the passport of each one of in the crew.
  • Place, date, time and port from which you left.
  • Copy of the the boat’s registration.
  • Proof of Insurance for the boat.
  • For non Mexican citizens, there a fee of MX$306.00 paid to customs.
  • The fee for the temporal importation of the vessel is US$65.00 paid at Banjercito.
  • If the vessel is registered on a corporation, bring copies of the corporation’s minutes.
  • The fee for the Port Agent usually is MX$2,200.00  (about US$180.00)
  • We strongly recommend not to bring any firearms into Mexico!!!
Port’s Captain

The Port Captain in Yucalpeten can be called on VHF channel 16 under “BASE ACUARIO” both for emergencies and also for help on entering or leaving port.  This base in particular is called different to differentiate from the commercial shipping one at the main pier.  They will respond and ask you to go to channel 12 to keep talking to them.

There are no moorings on Yucalpeten harbor, but it has a very well protected central bay, which has a good holding bottom which is safe and good for anchoring. That spot is also near the Port Captain´s dock which can be used to get ashore with a dingy. There are also more than 15 marinas in the harbor, which are fairly inexpensive, and they provide good basic services like electricity, water, and fuel.


To move around Progreso, you can call a Taxi from the Marina or from the port Captain´s dock at Yucalpeten, and they will pick you up and take you to downtown Progreso.  The cost of the taxi should be around $50 pesos for picking you up and taking you to downtown Progreso.

Sitio de Taxis Progreso  Tel.  969 935 0198

There is also UBER service and other car service apps

Fuel and Gas

There are many fuel docks available on Yucalpeten Harbor, some on the fishing docks which tend to be cheaper but not as easy to reach, and also Marina Yukalpeten and Marina Sureste both have fuel docks. The hours of operation are not very extensive, so coming during regular business hours is recommended.
Yucalpeten location Map
Yucalpeten location Map
New fuel dock at the main entrance channel next to Port Captain´s office.
Gas Sation and Oxxo convinience store at entrance of Yucalpeten open 24hrs
Shopping and Grocery

Very basic provisions like Ice, Coke, Beer and snacks, can be found at a few local Convinience stores like OXXO and Go Mart within a block from the Port Captain's dock at Yucalpeten, and even on your boat by stopping at the OXXO at the fuel dock.
Downtown Progreso can provide with most provisions you may need. There is a supermarket chain at the entrance of town called "Bodega Aurrera" which is a subsidiary of Walmart, and it has most of the necessary stuff. Super AKI in downotown Progreso is well supplied also.   Downtown Progreso has also must basic services includding branches of must major mexican banks. 
You can always drive to Merida, where you can find, at the entrance of the city coming from Progreso, three large shopping malls, one called Galerias, the Harbour and other Gran Plaza.
And also there is Sam's Club , COSTCO and other Supermarkets near by. To go to Merida, you can take a Taxi cab at downtown Progreso's main square which will most likely wait for you and take you back, or you could ride a bus at the bus station which has departures for Merida every 10 minutes. and you can take an Uber and other car service apps.


Wifi for use in your boat can only be found in Marina Yucalpeten and is usually included in the fee, but you can also visit the very many Internet cafe's that are located downtown Progreso.
Club de Yates de Yucatan