Progreso - Medical services

Merida has always been the center for Medical services in the Yucatan Peninsula because of the quality of the hospitals and the many specialists in all fields, people from as far as Belize and Tabasco come to Merida for medical attention.

Health services and care in Merida including dental work, rehabilitation, intensive care and even plastic and cosmetic surgery are of very good quality, but most importantly, they cost a fraction of what they cost in the US and Canada.

Merida´s hospitals have some of the best doctors in Mexico, and many of them have specialty degrees from various Universities in the US, therefore, many are fluent in english, but also accept and are certified by most major insurance companies.


For  medical emergencies in Progreso, and also for some more basic treatments, there is a small but very good and affordable hospital right in downtown Progreso.

Centro Medico Americano Progreso

tel. (997) 935-0769

The largest and most renowned hospitals in Merida include:

Clinica de Merida

(999) 942-1800

Hospital StarMedica

(999) 930-2880

Centro Medico de las Americas