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Last Update oct/23
You could make Progreso and Yucalpeten harbor your stop of choice for service and repairs.  Since Yucalpeten is home to a very large fleet of both commercial and recreational boats, there are also the services required for those, and it has become a very well equipped and professional place to do service and repairs to recreational boats from all over the area.  Yucalpeten has more than 15 shipyards that service to most types of jobs, and here we will try to name a few, but since we do not have any commercial link to any of them, we would recommend for you to look around for the best prices and quality of facilities.

Marine Service, Shipyards and Mechanical Help

For minor repairs, you can find mechanics both at Marina Tortugas as well as Marina Chavetas.

For major repairs on Diesel Engines and generators, you may call Megamak at (999) 930 1300  ( ) which attends mostly to Cummins, and Onan but also most marine diesel engines.

There are also specialized dealers for Caterpillar, Perkins, Yanmar, Lister and other brands.

For major repairs or to get the boat lifted out, there are many shipyards that can do the job, and many have travel lifts that can handle most boat sizes. Some of the yards are: Pergasa and Cuevas. The best would be to ask around for pricing and service, but prices are very reasonable.

Astilleros Pescados Mexicanos

Syncrolift capable of lifting up to 300 metric tons.

Capable of working all sorts of jobs from paint to full nautical reconstruction. Capable of lifting large Catamarans.
Phone: +52 (969) 9354064


Astilleros Astizur

With Lift capable of lifting most sailboats.

They charge a fee for lifting and the rest of the job is contracted to outside contractors.

Phone: +52 (999) 991 6855

Marine Electronics Service

Gonzalo Ventura  (Chalo)

Marine Electrical and Electronics service and repairs.

Cel Phone:  (999) 955 2227


Geoffrey Dutton

Marine Electronics and Electrical Repairs and Service

Cel phone:  (999) 255 0129
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