Route from Progreso to Celestun and Campeche


On the route from Progreso to Campeche there are a few ports where you can make a stop for a few hours or a few days deppending on your interest. Such is the case of Sisal or Isla Arenas.  In this section the author will like to point out that there is just only one port that is most suitable for most cruising vessels and that is: CELESTUN. Celestun is located half way between Progreso and Campeche, about 60 nautical miles (NM) from each.  Has a recently draged harbor to 9 feet at low tide, and has a good fuel dock with both diesel and gas.  It also has a good anchorage in the middle of the protected harbor or “Puerto de Abrigo”.

Approximate Distances between

Progreso y Campeche

Yucalpeten to Carbonera          10.5 NM

Yucalpeten to Sisal                     25 NM

Sisal to Celestun                         32 NM

Sisal to Palmar                            14 NM

Yucalpeten to Celestun                57 NM

Celestun to IslaArenas                 9 NM

Celestun to El Remate                 18 NM

Celestun to Campeche                60 NM

Progreso to Campeche             117 NM

El Remate:

El Remate is said to be an abandoned man made channel, constructed at the beginning of the past century, to harvest precious woods from the Yucatan tropical forest.  It is a nice stop if the weather is good, to do a nice excursion in your dinghy and spend the night anchored out if the weather is good. 

The anchorage coordinates are:

El Remate anchoring point.  Do not go

closer than this point if you draw

more than 6 feet.



The entrance to the channel which is

hidden by mangroves is: