Yucatan, Mexico.

Yucalpeten Harbor and arrival point to Colonial City of Merida and it’s beautiful surroundings.


The port city of Progreso is the largest in the northern Peninsula of Yucatan and is also the most important commercial port of the entire southeastern region of Mexico.

It is located only 32 Kilometers north of the capital city of Merida so it is also considered Merida’s beach front.

This traditional yucatecan beach town is known for being the location for summer-vacation homes that extend on a rage of 30 kilometers of sandy beach.

The Mexican State of Yucatan has remained for the past few years as the safest state in Mexico so we recommend it particularly for it’s beauty, but also for been a very safe place to cruise and live.

Due to the large concentration of beach-summer homes, Progreso is also home to the largest fleet of recreational boats and watercraft which on their majority are located at the protected harbor called Yucalpeten (also written as Yukalpeten).  This protected harbor is full of marinas of all sizes and levels of comfort, and are prepared to receive almost any vessel.


The Port of Progreso and Yucalpeten Harbor

Progreso´s main shipping pier

One of the many sailboat marinas in Yukalpeten

Bridge at Yukalpeten Harbor

Marina Yukalpeten

What to do iProgreso

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